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« Hansi Falc Vobruba

Hansi Vobruba was born in Tabor(czech republic)1968. He grew up in a mill village called Gusum in Sweden where he still lives and works.
Hansi is the fifth generation glass blower in the family that descended from Bohemia (Czech Republic), so somehow it seemed natural that he began with glass.
He started very early with the glass, even as a nine year old, he was feeling the glass and its magic. But it was not until Hansi was 14, he began to learn glass blowing mixture arts for real. 1985 he joined Orrefors glass school in unchecked studied for 2 years.
During his school years he participated in his first group exhibition, held in Gothenburg 1986th After school in Orrefors, he began working on various glassworks and studios to work up their skills. Gradually, there have been new techniques that he is uniquely able to combine and thus come up with his own personal style.


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