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The artist Karima Ben Otman has been fortunate to have experienced a wide diversity of cultures through out her life. Born in London in 1972 to Libyan, Jordanian parents. She moved at the early age of nine to Amman, Jordan and since then has continued to live in various countries and cultures around the world. From Italy where she studied the fine arts, to London, Paris and Cyprus where she lived and worked as a professional artist.
Karima’s use of bold colours, strong lines and vibrant subjects together with her ability to capture strong human emotions simplistically yet elegantly is what makes her artwork so unique. Karima describes her paintings as taking a life of their own, calling them ”mystic entities” that she creates in order to inspire, bring positive energy and mystify her audience.
She has been exhibiting her artwork internationally for the past twenty years and her work is in the permanent art collection of several museums around the world.


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