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« Lisa Abelsson

Lisa Abelsson was born in Stockholm 1956. She has always been a very creative person, drawing and sawing her own clothes since she was very young.

When she worked in Paris with the modelagency L´agence/ Elite 1979-80 she went to all kind of art exibitions.
That really inspired her a lot, but first she went to school and became a trained nurse and worked with her own company.
She started to go to croquis courses and created sculpture in all kind of materials.

For the last ten years she has worked with different kind of iron-nets.
The torsos she makes is `one step more´ from the croquis drawings she has done.

She also makes dresses in all kind of nets. The first dress she maked was a model that her grandmother, Gudrun,

made for her when she was young.

She gets her inspiration from the human body and soul, fashion and dance.


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