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« Emil Olsson

Born in Halmstad, Sweden in 1982, Emil Olsson is an innovative mixed media artist. Emil loves to mix different styles and materials such as spray paint and oil in the same painting, or using stencils with hand finishing. The contrast between the old and the new is exciting: a Renaissance street art on canvas.
His paintings is mostly represented by women, which is for him, a kind of a everyday hero. Where the woman’s or the family moms feelings and thoughts is portrayed.


I started to take an interest in paintings and painting about 10 years ago. It was when i first meet street art and the urban culture that something happend. and it was love at first sight. I cant really say what it was that cought my attension, the strong statements or the beauty of the artwork. Pherhaps the two of them make it perfect. I find inspiration in ordinary things, everyday actions and happenings. Where I’m always trying to lift up the female thoughts and feelings.
To me, a woman is a warrior or an everydayhero. Not a worrior with swords or guns. Not fighting crime. But fighting for her family or for injustice in society.
For example, Why are women paid less then men? Even if they have a higher education? Why does a woman have to dress up in a special way to be taken seriously? When did we start to value money and power before kindness and generosity?
What does a woman think when she gets a minute for herself? Is she longing for something else? Or is she hiding her true self just because that’s what society wants her to do?


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